Rough Days

1 11 2009

I was supposed to post on Friday about bike limiters, but that will wait for tommorow. Today – race anxiety! Where to begin? First, overall lack of training. Yeesh – but that is in the past, so we will move onto this week.
Friday I was so tired I got on my bike, then got off my bike and took a nap. Seriously – then I just walked around like a zombie all day. Sat. I drove up to DC to help my aunt that had surgery. Things didn’t go as well as planned and her pain meds have not been doing what they needed to do. So, a trip to the ER and a night of getting up constantly to check on or give pain meds to my poor aunt who was just feeling awful. Anyway, I’m headed back today w/ 3 days of complete inacticity and totally exausted and completely stressed about how my aunt is doing.
Not so good for taper rest. All done whining – here’s to a better Monday right around the corner.



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