Giving Light

27 07 2009

I was driving to a race site Sunday morning early. It was dark and overcaast outside. (it was 5 am afterall!!) The sections of 81/64 that I was driving had no street lights so the only light I had was my car headlights. I don’t know if it was the hour or the stress of driving to time the race or the exhaustion of driving at 5am but that scene made me very introspective.
I think a lot of people live in darkness like that. I would imagine loosing one of my children would make a darkness fall over me like none I have ever known. How do you find the light to keep going? I think sometimes you have to rely on others to give you enough light to keep going until you can find your own. I hope that my training / racing and fundraising is givng that light to others. I want our picture project to give light to parents that have darkness closing in around them.
I get asked a lot why I do Ironman, how in the world I enjoy the training, how I find the time to train. Lots and lots of reasons but two very important reasons are that I have been given the gift of the ability to do this, I need to use that gift to inspire other to do something too. I also want to take this gift and use it for something bigger / greater than me. For me, Ironman is my way to honor Garrett and maybe give Renee and Scott a little light in a dark time.
Indoor trainer ride today & maybe a little swim!



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