Our Motivation

21 07 2009
This year we will be raising money for a specific project that Garrett’s Wings is working on. Renee and I are working on a photography project for both Kids’ Path and the local hospice in Harrisonburg. Right after Renee and Scott came home with Garrett a local photographer contacted them and offered to come and take pictures in their home of the family. These are some of the most beautiful photos I have ever seeen. My favorite:

I know these pictures are very important and precious to Renee and Scott. We wanted to use this gift that was given to Renee and Scott and share that with other families that are experiencing the loss of a child.

We will need to raise the money for camera equiptment, supplies, printing and maybe even some albums to give out. We are still working out whether we will ask professionals to volunteer their time or recruit other voulunteers that just are great at taking photos. We also still have to get the o-k from the hospices – that is a biggie!! Lots of great things to work on!

Today’s workout: 1.5 hour bike w/ 3 min. threshold intervals, 3 min. recovery + 1 hour easy run




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