Yardsign Wars

9 10 2008

I don’t usually post about politics or other non-workout topics but this has me giggling lately so I thought I would share. It began with our neighbors 2 & 3 houses up putting up yard signs for their party (hint, it rhymes with complain & Van Halen), so my next door neighbor put up her sign for the other party. She also got a sign for us for the other party. The up the street neighbor’s signs started to multiply. They now each have 4 or 5 signs.
When one of the neighbors with the 4 or 5 signs was out walking the other day while Paul was out front he made a snide comment about our signs & how ‘you teachers are all alike!’ Funny that they can put up all the signs they want but we put up one yard sign and he got genuinely mad. Not to mention the fact that neither Paul nor I are teachers . . .




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