The need for speed

24 09 2008

Some that know me might call me a ‘competitive’ person. I like to think of myself as nice and relaxed and above the pettiness of cut-throat competition, but I know better. I, like most of us, like to win. Thus, I do triathlons to channel my inner competitive beast. I try to tell myself that I really compete with myself to better my own times but most of you know that’s a crock – I want to win. Period.
Enter my frustration at not being faster. I am constantly complaining to my dear husband about not being faster at swimming, biking and running. My recent workouts have given me an insight into the WHY of me not being faster. I was biking w/ my dear beloved on Sunday & I clearly announced I would be taking it easy after a hard run that afternoon. As we started up Mill Mountain he started to get further and further ahead. I was cussing him in my head for dropping me. I was sure he was doing it on purpose. But in the end I rode faster and harder to try to keep up. So, I will attribute my lack of speed on the bike to my riding alone and at my own comfy pace too much.
The same day I went for a tempo run. After a 5 min. warm up I was to do a 5k at race pace. Ha! What I discovered was that I don’t like it when it hurts that bad and tend to slow down when the hurt begins. Hmmm, maybe that’s why my run sits in the same rut it has been in for the last year?!
As for the swim, I can’t complain. I had a great swim last night & have my 3 x 300’s down to 4:30 with :30 rest between. (Actually I got 5 done which is even better) But alas, being faster in the water without speed on the bike and run only means that you get passed on the bike and or run – which SUCKS.




One response

24 09 2008

It’s hard to channel that beast. I was SOOOO happy to beat my brother in Wilmington (by 20 seconds!) But honestly, we are not professional athletes. Who really cares? Personally, I’m not sure how much longer I am going to care. I love doing them–and that’s what keeps me going. Not beating some stranger from some town in VA. Not winning some stupid and worthless award. Just my non-competitive thoughts for the day. I had a lovely run this morning–and it was at a slow pace.

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