17 09 2008

My wonderful client Anne reminded me today that it’s time to set some goals. With the season almost over it’s the perfect time to re-evaluate things for next year. I am big on internal goals and external goals. Internal goals are those that you can control – how you train, what you do, things that you are 100 (at least 99)% responsible for. External goals are great too, but you can not control them. You can’t control how other’s have trained, where you will place and if you will qualify. So, I always encourage folks to have both.
Here goes:
For the rest of the year and the 2009 season: (knowing this will be revised 10 times as the year progresses!)
Internal Goals:
1. Integrate YOGA as an equal part of my training to swimming, biking and running & build strength.
2. Knock significant time off my half iron distance – train to RACE a half ironman, rather than to SURVIVE a half ironman.
3. Lower my body fat and maybe drop a few pounds – but only for the sake of being faster and stronger.
4. Find the positive and the joy in all the races I do, even when they don’t turn out the way I planned.
5. I wanna go fast, I wanna go fast.

External Goals:
1. Get fast enough to race in the open division without embarrassing myself. (both and internal & external goals.
2. Focus on the half iron distance enough that a Clearwater qualifying slot isn’t a ridiculous thought.
3. Bring home more hardware.




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