SheRox Tri

16 09 2008

I’ve returned home after a fabulous trip to Charlotte to do the SheRox sprint tri with Renee. This was my first women’s only triathlon so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. It was great! I had such a wonderful time with Renee, it was great going to the race with her. No offense to my sweet husband and brother in law, but since I’m not part of the ‘shake & bake’ team, I end up doing the race on my own while they are together.
I had a good race, not a great race but a good race. Out of 383 women I came in 17th. That was the great part. I really loved being at the front of the pack and plan on continuing to race there! My times were a bit slower than my best, but being 2 weeks post IM I guess an average performance is still o-k!!
The best part of the race was the finisher’s bling! Every racer got a pretty silver set of bracelets! I’ll be back next year and hopefully by then I’ll be fast enough to race in the open category!!



2 responses

17 09 2008
Bobby and Ruthie

Don’t be a hater! If you aren’t first, you are last. I had considered making Little E part of the team by calling him AND. I might be persuaded to let you have it. I want to go fast. BAKE

17 09 2008

REvising post to now say: I wanna go fast, I wanna go fast! No and for me, When I get faster than SHAKE I get his spot.

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