Got Gluten?

11 09 2008

So without Ironman training to blog I had to find other interesting (questionable!) things to write about. I was grocery shopping yesterday when I came across a sign in the gluten free freezer section about new wheat free items Ukrops is carrying. Cupcakes – in the bakery section – not frozen – yummy! I almost ran over to the bakery section! I took plenty of time to pined over the decision – white cupcakes with white frosting, chocolate with white frosting or chocolate with chocolate frosting! I think I picked up and put down the packages 10 times. I settled on chocolate cupcakes with fluffy beautiful white icing.
I did restrain myself from eating in the car and waited until half the bags were inside before devouring my cupcake. Yummy goodness!!!!! About 2 hours later I started cleaning out the pantry. I am embarrassed to admit that I had 3 trashbags full of expired/stale inedible items to throw out. I also had lots of spilled flour, sugar and who knows what else. That’s when the tummy ache started. After about 10 min. I put the kids in front of the TV (a big no, no in my rule book – no tv on school days!) and went to bed miserable.
I assumed the flour in the cabinet got into me and made me sick. It wasn’t until I was 3 bites into the second cupcake later that evening when I noticed it only said WHEAT FREE. I checked the ingredients and sure enough, Oat Flour. Number 1 ingredient. After almost 3 years at this you would think I would know by now to actually check. I know wheat free & gluten free are two different things.
I have to admit, knowing that I was already in for a rough night of stomach problems I went ahead and finished the cupcake. No more yummy fluffy white icing for me : ( At least the honey crisp apples turned out to be heavenly!!!




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