What’s next?

10 09 2008

When you finish any big project you usually left with that WHAT’S NEXT? feeling. I am definitely having that after finishing the IM, especially because the race did not go as well as I had planned. I am guessing if that was my first IM I would have been THRILLED with my time and ability to push through, but it was not my first and alas, I am not thrilled. I hate to admit that because I did accomplish so much and this time the race was about things much more important than TIME. So, I have the mixed emotion of thrilled with all that I accomplished and less than happy with my performance.
So, what’s next . . . I am heading to Charlotte (on a whim) to do the SHE ROX tri with Renee. I am really excited about the trip & looking forward to doing a race where I don’t have any expectations for myself. If I do well that is great, if I don’t – at least I’ll be doing the race with a wonderful friend!! Beyond that I will focus on the Take Flight Tri in Oct. (and training for the Rambl’n Rose w/ Anna), then the Star City Half Marathon in Nov.
I submitted my application to Hammer Nutrition for sponsorship for next year. I would be SO excited to get chosen, although they stress again and again on their web site that most folks are not chosen b/c they get so many requests. I am hoping I am a good candidate b/c of my celiac and my 100% reliance on Hammer yummies in my training & racing. The race suits are pink (yay) and maybe it will help offset the costs of my Hammer habit! There are many addictions that are worse . . .



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