4 09 2008

RACE REPORT: 14:04:04 35/80 A.G. 1039 / 1975 Overall
Pre-race routine:
Arrived on Thurs. after driving 7 hours. Checked in at expo then walked around and oogled all the cool gear. Checked into the Townplace Suites (we got a 2 br. room – it was GREAT w/ the kids there) Chilled out on Thurs. night at the hotel, let the kids swim in the pool and fixed a pizza (gluten free) while Paul and the kids ordered a pizza. Friday am I got a great surprise – my sister & her husband flew in & suprised me! so exciting to have them there to cheer me on! WEnt to the practice swim, took the kids to the park for a bit (really my sister did!) & went back to the hotel to chill out. I had to run back over to the expo, then did a quick (15 min.) bike & run and started to pack my bags. Mostly tried to hang outside & acclimate to the heat! Sat. I went to the expo (again!) and napped a lot, Paul, Ru & Bobby & kids went to 6Flags for the day. I turned in my bags & met up w/ Aaron (jeepfleeb) for a quick interview and went to bed around 7. Fell asleep around 9:30 and slept most of the night. Bottle of perp. at 2 am & a bagel & some grits when I got up at 4:15.
Event warmup:
Drove over to the start and pumped my tires, put bottles on the bike and sprinted to the start. Got there about 2 – 250 people back.
Swim: 1:13:13 9 / 80 A.G.
Comments:Last year I didn’t enjoy the swim at all. I got a little neg. seeing people pass me. This year the swim was the best part of the day. My stroke felt so strong and I really just enjoyed all of it. The only down side was having a much more crowded swim from starting further back than last year. I had to swim around / over quite a few folks &
What would you do differently?:
Get there earlier to have less crowds.
Pretty smooth T1, I had my own volunteer who was very organzied and kept things straight for me! Thank you voulnteers!!!
What would you do differently?:Nothing
Bike: 6:59:57 31 / 80 A.G.
Well, it all started to go horribly wrong. Last year I didn’t feel the heat on the bike. This year I was melting out there. Being a faster swimmer sucks when you are not a faster biker. I got passed non-stop. I think my grandfather might have ridden by. I started to feel rough after LaGrange. I was right on track for nutrition then I started to feel the bloat. Unforutnatly I don’t have much of a back up plan w/ the celiac disease I have limited options. So I slowed down (then my 4 year old nephew passed me on the bike) and sipped water. I managed to get down another bottle and a half of nutrition and just kept the pace very easy. I was feeling rought but managing until I hit mile 80. That’s when the stomach was done. I knew one more sip of HEEd or perp. & I would start throwing up so I sipped water the last 32 miles. I even picked up a Gatoroade thinking I might even try that. (G.E. is really rough on my tummy but at that point I was desperate) – I couldn’t bring myself to choke it down and stuck w/ water.
What would you do differently?:
I’m still working on this one. I’m not sure yet (aside from being more ready for heat – but I can’t really control the weather!!)
T2: 8:15
Comments:Knocked 2 min. off my T2 time & was feeling rough. Luckily I had a great volunteer who kept things going smooth. I did forget my E-caps which sucked.
What would you do differently?:
Remember by E-caps!!
Run: 5:38:07 (EEK!) 35 / 80 A.G.
When you don’t eat on the bike you are screwed on the run. I tried the run / walk through aid stations at first. Then the nausea and dizziness started so I had to walk more. I was hot. I was tired. I was weak – but I kept going. I kept telling myself that if I was just doing the race for myself I would have quit, but I was doing the race for Renee & Garrettt and I was running / walking for all the times that he would never be able to. So I ran when I was able, I chewed ice at the aid stations & dumped ice down the front of my top and on I went. Last year I was able to atleast trot betwen every aid station. I tried to sip gatorade & tried some coke here and there but mostly just ice and a little water. I had 4 shot blocks, 4 peppermints and 2 rolaids. This year I walked atleast 2 – 3 solid miles of the 26.
What would you do differently?:
Again, this is still a work in progress. Overall I was able to run faster on my run parts than last year – I was only like 12 min. slower overall for the run than last year’s run & I walked A LOT more than last year.
Post race
Warm down:
Stagger back to the corner where Paul picked me up, he had already picked up my bike & bags (what a wonderful thing!!) Got in the hotel pool then a cool bath.
What limited your ability to perform faster:
Lack of heat in the month and a half before – I simply wasn’t acclimated to performing in the hot conditions.
Event comments:
My time was :30 sec. faster this year. Not much for this distance, but with everything that went south & last year everything going EXACTLY according to plan I take it as a sign that I am in better shape and my training paid off. I’ll be back in a year or two to get that 12 hour finish.



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9 09 2008

Congrats! Just finishing an Ironman is an amazing accomplishment.

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