2 days!

29 08 2008

Well, I am blogging from my Louisville hotel room! I woke up at 5 (after going to bed at 8 pm) and decided to go ahead and get up for the day. Better to be on race schedule and take a nap this afternoon than to get all out of whack.
All kinds of emotions and thoughts as we arrived in Louisville. I could tell that Paul was sad not to be racing this year. I am sad that he is not racing with me too. The extra training time was nice, but not having my best friend out there on the course will be hard. Watching him & the kids make signs for me was really cool. I know I have said it before but I truly do have the best husband in the world.
He has given me the training time to accomplish my goals, given me pep talks when I am doubting myself, helped me fundraise for Garrett’s Wings and most of all put up with all my wacky emotions and whims over the last 8 months! So, I here’s to my husband & best friend!!




2 responses

31 08 2008
Linda Huffard

Great seeing your video and photo in the Roanoke Times! Had to brag some and send on to my friends and family, “Hey, this is my coach!” Thinking about your Ironman, You Go Girl!!Linda

4 09 2008

I know you finished (CONGRATS!!) but will you blog about it? Hope you are recovering well.

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