The talk

25 08 2008

Mary Sunshine (a blogger on the Team Louisville Board) posted about having “the talk” with yourself. That talk that identifies what you will call on when it gets hard and your body wants to stop. I mean every bone in your body wants to STOP NOW.
Last year my talk was about proving myself. It was about empowering myself, determination, having fun, sticking with it, being a powerful, strong role model. I was all about – PAIN, WHAT PAIN?! I will keep positive and prevail!
This year is so different. The journey of doing this race to honor Garret has given me such a different perspective. This year my talk is about determination, keeping going when it’s hard, feeling the pain, dealing with the pain, and then going some more. When it gets hard, I mean really, really hard I will think about Garrett holding on as long as he did, then I will think about Renee and Scott, and how they get out of bed every day. Every month they face another anniversary of Garrett’s death. Every year, for the rest of their life they will face Garrett’s birthday. I am so proud of how they have dealt with their grief, how they turned their sorrow into Garrett’s Wings and created hope for other families.
So, this year, bring on the pain.




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