94 women

22 08 2008

So, there are 94 women in my age group this year (that’s up a lot from last year). Top half would be great, which means I need to come in 47th or greater. Any of the folks that have heard me speak about goals before are going – HEY KATI, that’s an external goal, you can’t control what other people have done to train! That is correct! So, my #1 goal is to finish the race and have fun. #2 is to match or beat my time from last year #3 is to be top half of my age group. If you all are tracking me and see 12 hours on the screen when I finsh (very unlikely, but if all the stars align & everything goes perfectly it could happen) know that I am doing a very happy dance!
For all those that would still like to donate to Garrett’s Wings (by the way, again I must say thank you so much to all those that have already donated!! It means the world to me & to Renee and Scott!!) there is still time, all donations must be in by next Friday (8/29) you can donate online HERE. Or email me at kati2kids@yahoo.com for information on how to send a check.




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