The bridge

13 08 2008

There is a bridge over the Roanoke River that I ride over often while riding on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I dread crossing this bridge every time. It is high up, all that is separating me from crashing to my rocky and watery doom is a metal railing. Now I know how to successfully cross the bridge, I just keep looking straight ahead to the end of the bridge. If I can just keep my eyes on the end I am fine and actually enjoy zooming across one of the only flat sections of the parkway. Here is the rub, I always seem to take my eyes off the end and look down. That’s when the panic sets in.
As I was crossing the bridge yesterday I was thinking of how much my IM training & taper is like that bridge. If I can just keep focused on the race and positive thoughts I am fine. I know that at the end of this journey there is success waiting for me. I know it. BUT, it seems that I keep looking over that edge and letting the doubt and negative stuff take over. I haven’t done enough, what if I am slower than last year, I haven’t raised as much money as I wanted to, and on and on. That’s when the panic sets in.
So, for my next 2.5 weeks I am going to try really hard to keep my eyes on my success. I know how to get to the other side, how to stay positive, how to keep that panic at bay. Just don’t look over the edge.



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