Doing Great Things

8 08 2008

I was on the bike the other day (it seems all my great revelations are on the bike huh?) and was all grumbly & beating myself up about the race. I actually said to myself – man, I thought I was going to do great things this year at Louisville. (thinking I was going to train for a 12 hour race) I used my “this is not helping” techinique and low and behold – I realized that I HAVE done great things already this year.
On a hike the other day I asked my 8 year old daughter if my IM training has been easier on her this year. She said it has been much easier this year. I told her that one of my goals for my training this year was to be a better mom & be a better Ironman at the same time. She told me that I HAVE been a better mom this year. (I ofcourse cried)
I asked Renee (Garrett’s mom) to write me some little inspiring messages to read during the run part of the IM. I was good and did not read them yet, but her note on the outside said (I made Paul hide it & the others so I wouldn’t peek, so I have to paraphrase) you are Garrett’s legs, he tried and tried but they failed him every time.
No matter what the finisher clock says, I’ve done things a lot greater than a 12 hour finish over the last few months.
I am $700 short of $3000, which is the absolute minimum I want to raise (I want to raise $15,000 but time just hasn’t been on my side) through the Janus Charity Challenge Donate $10 or $100 now, whatever you can. Help me continue to do great things.




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