RE-Evaluating Goals

29 07 2008

So I looked back on goals that I set for myself before mono:
I have to say, they haven’t changed that much.
-I think I have had more balance this year than last between home life & training. There is still work to be done, but I am a work in progress so I’ll take progress.
-I have done better on the bike & had many more miles in training than last year. An hour off of last year’s time might be a tad ambitious, but I am an ambitious gal.
-Hmmm, 30 – 45 min. off the marathon time might not happen, my running has been the most affected by the mono but again, shoot for the moon, right?
-I placed 2nd at Smith Mountain Lake this year. That was my first time placing at this event so I felt great about that trophy!
-Anna did her kids’ tri 2 weeks ago and had a blast. It was a very positive experience. Training for the bigger race (Rambl’n Rose) is coming slow, but it’s coming.
-As for the long term goal, I’m going to focus on this year and just let the future be in the future.

I found my ‘intention’ that a training client wrote me for last year’s race. It was:

I see myself & Paul easily & effortlessly completing the Ironman in our perfect time. I see us relaxed, having fun & remembering every second of the experience. This or something better now manifest in our life & so it is!!
I think this year’s intention is:
I see myself completing the Ironman in MY perfect time. I will dedicate my day to Garrett, give this race my all and that will be enough. This or something better now manifest in my life & so it is!




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