Next in Line . . .

21 07 2008

Thanks to all that sent me emails about doing the 3 mile challenge! I would love to hear more – if you did the challenge email me w/ the link in the previous post.
Watching the online streaming video for the Lake Placid Ironman it started to sink in that we are next. So far there has always been atleast one other IM to go before ours so it wasn’t that real. Lake Placid was the last one. Now we are next. It feels kind of like when you go on that really big roller coaster that you are petrified of. Waiting in line you are fine b/c there is a huge line of folks in front of you, it’s when the last car before you pulls out and you are waiting at that gate that it sinks in, holy crap – I’m next.



One response

22 07 2008

You’ll do GREAT!!! How could you not? And you are experienced this year.I may do Luray sprint so I guess I’ll see y’all there!

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