18 07 2008

Today I have a challenge for everyone. Saturday will be Garrett’s third birthday. This will mark the first birthday that Renee, Scott & Hailee will have to go through since he passed away. It will be and has been a very hard time. I can’t begin to understand or expain why this happened, or try to make them feel better. I have come to understand that all I can offer is love and support.

SO, this weekend I ask that you all offer support and kind thoughts and words for Renee, Scott, Hailee & especially Garrett. It’s o-k if you don’t know them, that’s what we call the kindness of strangers. This weekend I ask that you all do a 3 mile run, bike, walk, swim – anything – in honor of Garrett. Even if you have to spit it up into more than one session, just do the miles in honor of Garrett’s thrird birthday. After you finish, send me a note at my yahoo email address: just letting me know you did the 3 miles. I will forward all of them to Renee & Scott.

I also ask that you consider participating in the Take Flight Tri that benefits Garrett’s Wings on Oct. 18th in Charlotte, NC. You can do it as a relay if you don’t feel that you can complete all three events.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t once again say THANK YOU to all those that have supported my Janus Charity Challenge. It is your support, kind words and generosity that help me through those long hard runs, bikes and swims!!!!




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18 07 2010
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