Fun Running

16 07 2008

For all those that I coached this morning – stop reading now!!! I am about to take sadistic pleasure in your pain!!!
Had two run training sessions this morning. All that riding yesterday has left me with a really sore hip so I wasn’t able to do any speedwork today. Instead I made R. do sprints alone while I jogged along at my happy little pace!
Then I met my group of ladies that are training together and introduced them for the first time to speedwork Kati style. Again, I didn’t exactly do any speedwork myself (thus the 9 m.m. avg. for the race at Montclair) but instead took great pleasure in inflicting pain, oops I mean improving their running!
While at the pool last night doing a training session I ran into someone from my mother daughter training group doing her workouts (WTG!!). Got me to thinking, at any given time there are people all over town cussing my name (in a loving way I am sure) for the hideous but self-improving things I force them to do.




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