18 06 2008

I was so looking forward to a week of training at the beach! Lots of time to run & bike (no ocean swimming for me – one word – jellyfish!) while the family played or chilled out. I got a nice bike ride in yesterday with my sweet husband while my folks watched the kids, it was nice to have some alone time. I have found though that working out is ending up at the end of the priority list. I have been watching the kids play & am finding that I would SO much rather spend the time with them.
They are at such an AWESOME & fun age. Playing family games, reading to them, digging in the sand, boogie boarding (alright, watching them boogie board – again, jellyfish) – all the things I would miss while out running or biking. I would much rather spend the time out on a 6 mile family bike ride then to get up at the crack of dawn for a 50 mile ride on my own, missing out on wonderful morning time with the kids.
So, not much training getting done this week but that’s o-k. There are YEARS more of Ironmans to do, this is the only year that the kids will be 8 and 5.




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