Question – How much can Kati eat in an afternoon of flying?

15 06 2008

7 hours of airport sitting & 2.5 hours of flying (p.s. – not good after running 14.5 miles in the morning, welcome to the world of leg cramps) I can eat:
1 bag of skittles (I know, I have to have some kind of guilty pleasure)
15 almonds
6 (yes 6) gluten free vanilla oreos (no, they are not healthy or low fat just b/c they are gluten free)
2 salads w/ full fatty gross ranch dressing (but mmmmm it was good)
1 bowl of mushy vegtables which might cause major gas while on next flight
1 diet coke
2 bottles of water
2 servings of pretzels (that’s something like 60 pretzel rings)
I think I spent about $20 on food and I brought the pretzels, cookies (mmmmm) and almonds with me.
1 more hour of waiting, I wonder what kind of candy I can get at the gift shop?! . . .



One response

16 06 2008

that’s not so bad. Sophie could take you down any day. See you at the meet tomorrow, hopefully. I think we are swimming against your team?

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