Hurray for the weekend!

11 06 2008

I will be so glad when the weekend arrives! This week has been impossible for training b/c I have had a lot of training appts (good for the pocketbook, bad for my training), we are doing a special bike helmet fitting at the kids school that has eaten up a lot of my days, this is the last week of school so there are awards’ ceremonies & kindergarten graduations (sniff!) to go to and I am trying to get ready for a trip!!
Hurray that I get to go to Louisville this weekend!! I am excited to get away with the girls (yes, I am a bad wife going away on father’s day weekend and absolutly if Paul did the same on mother’s day I would be upset. We’ll call it babysteps that I even recognize my hypocritical behavoir!), I haven’t been back to Louisville since the race last year so it will be wonderful to see all the sights again & while there I get to train all I want all weekend long!
So, not much training going on for a few days then monster training weekend w/ a 112 mile bike followed by a 2 mile run Sat., then a 20 mile bike followed by a 15 mile run on Sunday. Hurray!




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