Too much pressure

28 05 2008

Our girls on the run group did their 5k last weekend and did great! Almost all that ran last time knocked off a lot of time and everyone finished with a smile! My daughter, the drama queen, ran w/ my sister and announced that she just needed to run with her friends and have fun for this race because there is just too much pressure on her. After all, she says, she already has to do an Ironman when she get older!
Now I admit to being a bit of an overachiever (not being fast but I kinda have a habit of perpetually upping the ante) and I do encourage my kids to do their best . . . Oh no, I am one of those moms! Seriously we had a long talk about whether or not she runs and does tri’s because she wants to or because she thinks I want her to. She says it’s because she wants to, I sure hope that’s true. I’d hate to think she feels like she has to live upto my expectations or accomplishments.
Man, an Ironman was easy compared to parenting.



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