My latest happy list

22 05 2008

Time for a new happy list!!! With so many things going on I can’t belive I let it go so long!
1. Anna ran an entire 5k and knocked 7 min. off her p.r. – she was SO proud of herself!! Yay Anna!
2. Paul, Robin, Michelle, Bobby and I all rocked the FLA 70.3 race in pretty harsh conditions. Everybody finished – we might not have had a smile while finishing but soon after it returned!
3. Anne did her first triathlon. Better yet, it was a wonderful spontanious decision to do this race which is so FUN and FANTASTIC!! She did wonderful!!
4. I’m really late on this one but Nina did her first half ironman!! She did finish w/ a smile! YAY!
5. Renee did her second triathlon – and the bike description was HILLY! Way to step out of the comfort zone and challenge yourself!! Oh yeah, and she came in 4th in her age group!!
6. My sister is the best sister in the whole world for giving me her new, favorite running shoes two days before the race b/c my old shoes were hurting me! (See Anne, the suit started a chain reaction!)



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