FLA 70.3

20 05 2008

What a fantastic weekend & great race!! I definitly race better when I don’t set a bunch of crazy expectations on myself. My goals for this race were to 1. finish 2. practice my IM heart rate pacing 3. practice my IM nutrtion 4. practice my mantras and mental focus and most importantly 5. HAVE FUN
I pretty much made it 5 for 5. I stayed calm and never got too worked up about the race. We had a long but fun ride down, followed by a few days of RnR with my sister and brother in law (and my hubby: )which is always fun.
Race day was great! Got there at just the right time, got set up and got to see the pro’s & Robin & Michelle take off. My swim wave wasn’t too bad. The swim stayed fairly crowded the whole time but I’ve gotten much better at elbowing for my position. I drafted off someone for the entire swim. My time was a little slower than I would have liked, but my effort level was very easy and my focus was great.
The bike was VERY crowded. I felt wonderful passing people. I stayed focused and watched my cadence the whole ride -88 avg. Great progress for me! I did have to pee 3 times on the bike, that was a bummer but when I have to go, I have to go. I followed my HR to a T and did my nutrtion just right. Had some stomach pain but I think that was the combo of my shorts and my race belt pressing into my belly.
The run was, well HOT! I felt great for the first 1.5 laps (it was a 3 lap course). Ran well, passed a lot of people, drank my HEED, HR in the low 150’s. Life was good. Then the heat and the lack of walk breaks hit me like a brick wall. My dream of a sub 6 hour race flew out the window. But I did manage to continue to “run” walking only the aid stations.
Here is where my mental training challenge came in. With one lap to go I was hurting. Everyone around me was walking but I didn’t beat mono and train all that time to death march in the last 4.5 miles. So I dug deep. The first thing I thought of was the video Scott posted of Garrett. I sang the Chasing Cars song to myself. I thought of the 5 months from diagnosis to Garrett’s passing that Renee & Scott had with him & counted down each mile as one month. It somehow made my pain pail in comparison.
Finally, I must admit my other mental focus during that time was telling myself I was going to be able to get an IV at the finishline. (I didn’t) I thought of that IV as my reward, if I could just keep running I could get the IV. In the end I was fine, a cup of water and sitting for a few minuties did the trick. Thanks to all those that were tracking and cheering us on. You guys are great!!



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