12 05 2008

I have started the nice little taper leading up to FLA 70.3 that I will ‘race’ on Sunday. I say ‘race’ because the forcasted temp. is 91 and humid. So far our hot day has been 80 and there haven’t even been many of those. So, no going hard for me – just another training day 11 hours from home with 2500 of my closest friends!
My girls on the run group made bracelets today for Garrett’s Wings care packages they are working on. Each girl will run in honor of a kid that suffers from Batten Disease. The girls were very touched by the experience and took it very seriously. From my daughter’s letter to her honoree: “I am going to run the whole way again (she mentioned a race last weekend), and be your legs.” Kids are cool.




One response

12 05 2008

I’m sure your GOTR group took it seriously due to the way you presented the project. Congrats on that. Are you doing any more runs before the race? Good luck this weekend!!! I assume you are taking the kids?

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