A wild ride

4 05 2008

First off, the Smith Mountain Lake tri was fabulous! Aside from having to start in the last wave (that sucked!) and a ton of bike & car traffic on the road it was perfect! Great weather & lots and lots of great friends to share the day with. (Taking home 2nd place in my a.g. didn’t hurt my perception of the day at all!)
Today I had a nice ride planned with a few friends. Started out nice enough, good weather, my legs felt amazingly good after the race the day before. About 10 miles into the ride we came across a muddy & crying woman walking down the road. Stopped to check on her & found out her jackass boyfriend had beaten her up. A car stopped to help and offered to drive her to the fire station. A little rattled we started back up again.
The first dog wasn’t too bad, chased us but gave up pretty quickly. The large and mean German shepherd was not so quick to give up. Luckily Paul (not my Paul) isn’t afraid of the beasts and stopped to bark and yell at it so we could get by. Meanwhile the fat redneck owner came out and didn’t seem bothered by the scene. Her dog was in the middle of Bradshaw road. Paul yelled at her to get her dog from the road etc., still she wasn’t bothered.
A few more miles up the road we stopped off at a convenience store to potty & fill up on water. Here the male redneck drove up in his truck and started to yell at and threaten Paul. WTF! He can’t get off his butt to get his dog out of the road but he can get in his truck and follow us to cuss Paul out! Unbelievable!
So, all in all a very eventful 50 miles! Not too much fun but beautiful weather, great company and I rode fantastically!!



One response

5 05 2008

OK lady, what are you doing riding 50 miles after racing (fast) a triathlon? Now I feel like a lazy arse. Did nothing much, but I did go to chuch!Great race to both you and Paul on Sat! You’re right. His swim is so strong now!

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