Outside the Box

27 04 2008

How many times in a normal day or week do we get the chance to really get to step outside the comfort zone & challenge ourselves? I think I fall into the comfort zone all to often and then something comes along and reminds me to challenge myself beyone the ‘easy.’ I don’t mean running harder than usual or doing a longer swim, those are a challenge but not exactly what I mean. Going to a group swim when that terrifies you (go Anne) or riding outside when you are scared you won’t be able to clip out or in (go Nina) or even running the whole time at Girls on the Run instead of walking (go Madelyn) – really challenging your comfort level & proving to yourself that you can really do it.
So, this week I challenge myself (and anyone else reading) to do atleast one thing that is uncomfortalbe for you. Prove to yourself that you can.



One response

29 04 2008

well, I guess mine will happen on sat. when I try to be focused on the bike and not let my mind wander like it usually does. No letting myself go through my afternoon checklist, no fantasizing about a massage, no worrying about what to make for dinner or whether or not I’m going to church on sunday. I’d focus on my heart rate monitor, but OOPS, I don’t have one. I’ll look at my odometer instead now that I’ve got my wheel on correctly.

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