Reflections on Week 1 of IM training

19 04 2008

Well, week 1 of official IM training is almost done & I have to say I am very hopeful. A few highlights:
-The majority of my training was done during the week. Over the summer I guess this will have to switch & I’ll have to go back to the monster weekend training. : (
-I rode the SML bike course twice through at a faster pace & lower heart rate than I did for the race (only 1 loop) last year. Hopefully that means good things to come for the race in 2 weeks!
-My swim was slow, I have got to get my lazy butt in the water more!
-Oh yeah, my running was slow too. I guess I need to do some more of that too!
-Out of my 103 miles ridden this week all but 18 were outside! And my average pace was higher than my ironman average with a lower average heart rate!
-So, it seems that I have succeeded in becoming a better cyclist but have let the run & swim slip. Luckily those are easier for me to improve upon. How to improve upon those while maintianing my bike, cleaning my house, taking care of my kids & having a relationship with my husband. Hmmm. . .




One response

20 04 2008

I say let go of the housework. That’s very easy for me to do.

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