Racing for Garrett & Coming in First

13 04 2008

Today was the first race of the season. The Angel’s Race was in Lynchburg and is always a favorite of mine. One special thing they do is ask each racer to pick an ‘Angel’ to race for. This can be someone you are honoring or someone you are remembering. I raced in memory of Garrett, of Garrett’s Wings.
I started the race with a plan. My 8 yr. old daughter was swimming the swim leg of a relay. Because the swim is a pool swim, start times are based on your estimated swim time, the faster folks going first. Anna specifically asked if I could be there to watch her swim. For a girl who is a huge daddy’s girl to ask mom to be there with her was a big deal. So, knowing that I started racing at 8:31 and Anna began her swim at 9:52 I made my plan. If I got off the bike in 51 min. (total time from the start of my swim) or less I would have plenty of time to finish the run then make it back to the pool to watch Anna swim.
My swim was a little slow, I just couldn’t get in a good rythm with my stroke. I was about 20 sec. slower than last year, which wasn’t a particularly good swim either! My bike felt o-k, I was really feeling fatigued & that dang wind kept beating me up. So, my time was ticking away and I started to see that I was going to miss the cut off.
I started to go thru in my mind how I was going to deal with not finising the race. I had expected to be dissapointed if faced with a DNF. Not at all. I went through in my head – folks might remember for a couple of days if I came in first but Anna would remember much longer if I missed her swim. It was a no brainer.
Anna was amazing!! She was swimming in this big 6 lane pool full of growns ups. She was tired, but she just kept going. After the swim she laced up her running shoes and finished my run with me by running a 5k! The whole thing! I can’t wait to get the pictures of us crossing the finish line together!
So, driving home I thought – hey, I really did honor Garrett today. I put caring for my baby first, just like Renee did. I enjoyed the time that I had with my child & it was priceless. I found out at the award ceremony that if I would have continued on the run after the bike I would have easily won my age group. I ended up coming in last but reading Anna’s post race report I’d have to say I definitly came in first.




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14 04 2008

I’m so proud of you both!!!Yes, without a doubt, your huge transition time between bike and run was worth it.

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