My Happy List

10 04 2008

Here’s my happy list for the day:

  • I got a little sunburn (not much thankfully) & sunburn means sunny days! Time to pull out the sunscreen for OUTSIDE BIKE RIDES : )
  • My #1 client (sorry honey) my daughter dropped 2 min. & 5 sec. off of her 300 swim time – WOW! She started at a 10 min. 300 and on Tues. did it in 7 min. & 55 sec.
  • Ragan has lost OVER 25 pounds! YAY!
  • Anne has not only become an excellent athlete, but this weekend becomes a TRIathlete : )
  • Dennis ran a 6:45 mile AND has dropped :30 seconds off his 300 time!
  • Robin started running a year and a half ago – she thinks she’s slow running 8 min. miles – it took me 4 years to get there! She is FAST & maybe someday she’ll believe me when I say that!
  • Michelle has been taking the time for herself to get her workouts in, not an easy task when your job demands more, more, more. Plus she has learned to swim with her LATS!
  • Terry is doing his first Duathlon this weekend & he will do wonderful – I know it even if he’s not yet convinced!
  • Brad is getting settled in Arizona AND still getting his workouts done. Sounds like some exciting runs out on the trails!
  • Nina is willingly going for rides out on the road with me! Plus she is now running 11 miles wonderfully, 3 months ago 6 miles was a long run . . .
  • My dear husband is swimming faster and faster. His swim stroke has improved by 100% and I am sure I don’t take the time often enough to tell him how wonderful he is doing.

YAY for everybody!



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