Official IM training Begins

4 04 2008

I was just writing workouts for next week & got to my own & realized – it’s here! Official IM training begins next week! We are 20 weeks out as of next week! Time to start ramping up the mileage & really begin training in earnest. I am hoping I am almost done w/ the mono & my body will do o-k w/ the increased training.
Ironically next week is also my first race I am scheduled to do. I’m supposed to be doing the Angel’s Race in Lynchburg. I am torn on whether I should race or not. Not only am I worried about going too hard & wearing myself out, but I also really want to watch my daughter do the swim leg of the race. She is on a relay team, swimming a 300 meter swim. Not much to grown ups but in a big pool filled w/ other swimmers it seems like an awful lot to me. My sister will be there to help her if I am racing but still, it’s my baby girl – how can I miss that!



One response

6 04 2008

Love the pink blog. Sophie is interested in cheering Anna on (and me of course), so let me know if you think it’s ok to bring her. . .

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