First Race of the Year

1 04 2008

Hopefully not indicative of the rest of the year, my first race of the year was as a spectator. My husband, brother in law & 2 friends all did MAP in Huntersville, NC last weekend. Because I have been sick I got to watch & play support crew. I thought it would awful & hard to not race & just watch but really I had a blast.
First I got to cheer my husband on, which I never get to do because I am always racing with him. I screamed at him a lot along the way, too much I am guessing he would say. He had a fantastic race & I was very proud of him. Ditto for my brother in law, he is just fast & continues to get faster.
No offense to the boys but the highlight of the race was being there to cheer my dear friend Renee on through her first triathlon. I am doing my Ironman to support the charity Renee and her husband started through the Janus Charity Challenge after they lost their son to Infantile NCL in December.
It was so cool to see her perservere, in many ways – first she went through 6 months of caring for a terminally ill child, and the last three months of grieving for the loss of her child, second she began her training not knowing how to swim or ride a bike, and finally the weather was HORRIBLE – wind, cold, rain & HAIL – and she kept going.
She rocked. So, even though I was on the sidelines it was an awesome day!!



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