Climbing Mill Mountain

18 03 2008

I have been trying to convince Nina, a training client & friend to climb Mill Mountain (on the bike) for the first time. She is still resisting my efforts. Never fear though, I will eventually win out.

This has gotten me thinking about my first trip up Mill Mountain. I too had avoided it for years. It just seemed too hard, too steep, too long of a climb to tackle. Add that to the fact that I was (and still am) afraid to actually ride my bike on the road – I wimped out of many a ride to get out of that climb.

Finally my wonderful friend Kate offered to take me up the mountain. I thought that would be a much better choice than going w/ Paul, so I gave it a try. WOW – that was hard. About half way up I thought I might not make it. Seriously, I wondered how bad it would look, me walking my bike up the mountain?! I do know that at times I was going around 5 m.p.h., so joggers could have passed me, luckily they didn’t.

We kept going and rode out to Explore Park. I guess I din’t notice the nice downhills going out on the spur on the way out. They hurt on the way back. Anyway, I made it up – YAY!

The next time my dear friend Kate and I were riding up she asked, ‘Hey, do you want to go up the old route?’ My obvious quiestion was – “Is it harder?” Lies, Lies, Lies – Kate said, “No, I think it’s about the same.”

Now I can ride up the new way or old with not much struggle or pain, but I still smile triumphantly every time I get to the top!



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