My First Race

13 03 2008

I got to tell the story at a beginner triathlon clinic that I was leading of my first triathlon. It made me giggle so I thought I would give everyone else a laugh too.
Paul and I decided on a whim to try a triathlon. I had started running & have always been a swimmer & we had some friends that did triathlons so we thought what the heck. We decided on the Wilmington Sprint which was a 1500m. swim, 12 mi. bike & 3.1 mi. run. Leading up to the race I ran & swam occasionally but never got on the bike. Paul had bought some used mountain bikes from a co-worker for us to ride. The Thurs. before the race I decided I’d better learn to actually shift gears on the bike. In my pajamas & Birkenstock at 8:30 at night Paul had me out in front of our house riding back and forth. If only the kids had woken up and seen what we do when they are asleep.
There was a tropical depression moving across NC on our way down. We drove through tornado warnings (even missed an acutal tornado by 5 min.) and torrential downpour. Thankfully the rain stopped by race morning and the weather was cool but nice. Paul and I took heart in the fact that we had all that body fat to keep us warm, all those waif like-in shape fools were shivering & cold!
The swim was no problem, although I did worry about Paul (who announced before the swim, you know I could actually die doing this!) the whole time. The bike was comical. In the pictures I am all hunched over looking very serious and VERY red in the face, although my bo bo walmart helmet is on crooked. I just shifted gears at random for kicks. I thought I would die on the run. Thankfully my wonderful husband came back and did an extra mile (he was already finished) to finish the run with me.
My goal was to finish in under 2 hours. I finished in 1:55. My first thought was, when can I do that again. Paul and I went back to our room and slept all day, then went out to dinner and pigged out.
4 1/2 years later I can do the same race in about 1:25. Afterwords I can go out for another ride. What a wonderful 4 1/2 years it has been and wow, I am so lucky we decided to do that first race!!!



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18 03 2008

My first race was a nightmare. Of course I didn’t train in any way (I was in my 20’s) I swam in the Columbia river (pacific northwest) against the current without a wetsuit and came out of the water blue, rode my bike without water/fuel, ran and almost passed out. So I didn’t do another one for about 4 years. I was a complete underprepared idiot. We’ve come a long way!

31 05 2010

I love to hear stories of first tri’s that are far from perfect. Have just done my first – a local sprint distance with sea swim. Probably should have done pool swim as first attempt as swimming is really NOT my strength. Lost my nerve and ended up taking 35mins for a 750m swim. Never mind have entered another and I WILL CONQUER THE FEAR!

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