Oh yeah, it wasn’t the flu!

4 03 2008

So it turns out not to have been the flu, but instead mono. Just as an FYI mono stinks. For the last few days I have been saying, “Gee, I just don’t have that absolute run down feeling everyone describes, I just can’t shake the fever.” Ha, shook the fever – but a trip to the grocery store felt like a marathon to me. It’s so hard to remember that taking it easy now will benefit me in the long run. All I seem to be thinking of is – when can I train again! It doesn’t help that all day I am looking at training stuff – writing workouts for people, reading new training books, planning for my speaking gig @ East Coasters about you guessed it – TRAINING!
Trying to think positively and tell myself that all this rest will really get me ready to go, go, go soon. Mostly though I think that’s crap and that I will be tired for months and training is going to be really hard to do. So much for positive thinking!



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