Getting off Track

22 02 2008

UUUG – THE FLU!! The plague struck this week and I have been oh so sidelined! For two days the challenge was just standing up out of bed, that was a workout. I swear the halls at the doctor’s office were longer than the marathon I ran! The nurse had to stop and wait for me! Once this stage wore off and the flood of mucus started in my head and chest I have now entered into the struggling to breathe phase. What a joy!
For the first time in a very, very long time I have not exercised all week. The dumb thing is I keep stressing that I’m going to loose all my fitness and get way off track on my IM training by taking a few days off. Some of it is that I usually train about 14 hours a week. Without that training I feel blah and a little out of control. So, add the blah and out of control to my general sick feeling and you can imagine that I have been a joy to be around this week!
(Mental note, do something very nice for my husband – soon!)
Here’s hoping to get back on my bike this weekend and OUT OF THIS HOUSE!!




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