Lessons of a Long Trainer Ride

18 02 2008

It’s amazing what you will learn about yourself when you spend 3 hours on the indoor bike trainer! Here are the lessons I have learned from 2 weeks in a row of 3 hour (50+ miles) on my indoor trainer:
1. I am a much better leader than I am a follower. Last week I followed a Spinnervals video – it was hard & I didn’t enjoy it that much. This week Nina, a training client came over to share my pain for most of the ride. I lead our workout instead of using the video. Maybe it was the company, but I enjoyed the ride much more & my avg. speed was 1 mph faster.
2. I want to train to qualify for Kona someday. I used to enjoy the fact that I was training to finish the Ironman & I didn’t care about time, never had aspirations to qualify for Kona, just wanted to do it for the sake of doing it. Last week on the trainer I realized that I really, really, really want to push myself to the limits to see if I can do it one day. I have a long way to go & it might be several years before I’m ready to really pursue this one, but someday I want to find myself on the big island pedaling against the wind in the heat w/ the big dogs of the sport. Crap, how come I always have to raise the stakes on myself?
3. Pain is really only temporary. I find that if I can ride out the initial pain in the butt (literally) it subsides. What it really takes is focus to work beyond that pain. This is a skill I am still working on acquiring, but I’m getting better.
If this crappy Sunday weather continues I’m sure I’ll have a lot more lessons from the trainer to come!!!




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