9 02 2008

I have so often heard the comment, “I could have done more” or “I still felt good so I added on …” etc. There seems to be a perception that we must finish every workout absolutly unable to go on any further. Don’t get me wrong, there are workouts than need to be like that. Speedwork is often like that.

I had my first speed run in a long time this past week. Marathon training & running w/ others have taken priority for the last couple of months. It was so nice to get out and work really hard. When I finished I was about done, but I still had enough for some power yoga and an evening swim but it felt good to be tired.

It must be something to do w/ our socieity that makes us all feel like we have to go, go, go every time & completely exhaust ourselves. Why not slow down and make some workouts about working on your endurance, or heaven forbid make some workouts just about enjoying the workout. We are all so focused on the end result sometimes we forget to enjoy the process that gets us there!! So slow down & enjoy the workout!



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