Things We Dread

7 02 2008

I am famous for signing up for things, volunteering for things, scheduling things that sound great only to dread them when the event draws near. In addition to social and volunteer activities I do this with workouts too. I’ll get myself all excited about an outside ride I have scheduled later in the week only to find myself dreading it and trying to make excuses to get out of it the night before.
I’m great at planning FOR the moment, but I’m not very good at being ‘in’ the moment. My lenten discipline for this year is Yoga. I am trying to improve my body, mind, spirit connection and better myself at being more present in the, well present moment. So, 40 days of Yoga for me!
Right now I am just doing tapes that I have at home. For now that is enough, but I suspect soon I will need more and will have to seek out a good class. The first couple of times I did my yoga tapes I HATED the meditation at the end. My skin was crawling it was so hard for me. One time I even just shut the tape off and walked away. After reading Eat, Pray, Love (what an AMAZING book) I learned that I needed to embrace this strong emotional response and face it head on.
So, I squirmed through a couple more meditation sessions, not fighting the squirming but not shutting off the tape either. What do you know, after 2 weeks of squirming I am learning to relax and enjoy the meditation. I am learning to dedicate that 15 – 30 min. block to just Yoga and not think, worry, plan for the next 30 min. I’ve still got a LONG way to go but so far I think I’m doing pretty darn good for a novice!!
I can also feel myself applying the technique to my workouts. Instead of squirming and trying to excuse myself from the difficut times of my workouts I find myself asking why I am so determined to give up, the answer is almost always that I have lost my focus. So now I have learned 2 things from 2 weeks of Yoga, be still & focus.




One response

8 02 2008

I bought myself a yoga tape for Christmas but just can’t do it. I have lost the power of OMMMM. How do you get your kids to leave you alone after dinner so that you can meditate???

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