6 02 2008

My how life has changed. At first dating Paul meant going to Comedy Clubs, bars, resteraunts, even romantic ski weekends. After marraige and kids dating meant going out to the movies for special movies (we’re very cheap), resteraunts, and special occasions like weddings etc. I think we have the best dates ever now.
Yesterday Paul took a long lunch & we went for a nice 2 hour bike ride. After dinner & getting the kids to bed we did our PM Yoga tape together, then laid in bed & watched House together. Well, as much as I could stay awake for.
We’ve struck an agreement w/ our babysitter, who is a young adult, not a teenager that is engaged and in need of some personal training & overall health coaching to get herself healthy for her own sake & get herself in shape for her wedding. She is babysiting a few hours every Sunday while Paul and I ride bike in return for training. A date every week, and it’s all FREE! Also a weekly outside ride to help reach my 4000 miles in 2008 goal.
I still have anxiety about riding outside but I am looking forward to it much more. Mostly I enjoy being out riding with Paul enjoying some much needed alone time!!




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