Everybody should be an Ironman

2 02 2008

When I tell people that I have done an Ironman (which is as often as possible) most people are pretty impressed. Truth is, (and I hestitate to say this aloud) just about anybody can do an Ironman. It takes months and months of training, and lots of dedication and determination, but aside from physical limitations – I do believe just about anyone can finish an Ironman.

Doing an Ironman opened my eyes to strength and courage I never knew I had. I discovered so many wonderful – and some not so wonderful – things about myself along the 8 months of training! Truth be told, race day was just a graduation. The true test was not the day of 140.6 miles, the test was the day I had to spend 3 1/2 hours on my trainer in the basement. The test was swimming for an hour, then when my back was sore, my arms were tired and I wanted to stop . . . going for another half an hour. I was tested when it was 98 degrees outside and I had to go out for a 10 mile run. Here I discovered my inner strength.

Not everybody has to race 140.6 miles to find that strength in themselves. For some it is starting to run and completing a 5k when they never thought they could run that far. Others it is going it alone as a single parent when all the bricks are stacked against them. Some have to face losses and pain that I can’t even imagine surviving – and yet they still get up every day and go on.
See, everyone has an Ironman inside them, it’s just a matter of what race you have to run to find that inner Iron strength and courage.



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