Marathon Recovery

26 01 2008

I’m not sure what will take longer to recover, my body or my ego. The WDW marathon was a hard lesson in humility for me. This was my first complete fall apart race. For the very first time I was truly not sure if I could physically finish a race. Don’t get me wrong, I have wished for many a flat tire and secretly thought a twisted ankle would be a blessing during a few tri’s in my time but I always knew in the back of my head that I would finish.

As the miles wore on and I was reaching for something – anything to get me through those God awful last few miles I tried every mantra and inspiration I had used during the IM. “I am strong” “I am stronger than this hill” “I will finish the IM in PERFECT TIME” – NOTHING!! I thought about my friend that was struggling through the loss of a child and the strength she has shown – still I was barely pushing on. Finally I remembered a shirt I had seen at the start of the race – “It’s better to finish DEAD LAST than not to finish at all.”Somedays you just survive – other days you thrive. Training & racing will surprise and humble you with both.

Now, off to get on the bike. . . IM season has begun today.




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